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At Nemer Fieger, we bring together research, analytics and local market expertise to drive consumer engagement. For six decades, our strategic approach has helped movie studios, retailers, resorts and other businesses in fiercely competitive categories achieve results in markets of all sizes. You can count on us to listen carefully, ask smart questions, solve what needs solving, and stay focused for strong follow-through.

Every one of our services starts with strategic planning and insight development. And every one is made stronger by our uncanny ability to make the right connections, bring people together and build lasting partnerships. Just ask our clients. Some of them have worked with us for 40 years.

Nemer Fieger formulates, develops and presents the strategy, with a focused, multi-disciplinary approach: the epitome of a full-service agency. Through discussion and probing, they stimulate the creative process but they don’t get married to a particular idea.
— Alan Krutsch, formerly with Apple Autos

Grassroots marketing.
Gangbuster results.



Public Relations & Events

Truth is, Nemer Fieger has used guerrilla marketing to generate buzz about brands in imaginative ways since before the term was even coined. Our experience and expertise runs deep when it comes to building grassroots PR from the ground up. Clients trust us to leverage media relations – with strong stories that have true value for news directors – as well as digital and social media to elevate consumer experiences, initiate conversations and influence people.

If events are a part of your marketing solution, we can help with everything from brainstorming concepts and finding worthy partners or causes, to building excitement and handling execution. Every week, year-round, Nemer Fieger does whatever it takes to help multiple events succeed. In fact, our event pros have spearheaded long-running projects that have helped one foodservice organization raise more than $1 million in charitable donations and another client attract more than a million shoppers annually without a paid media budget.

Nemer Fieger regularly comes up with successful promotions and novel ways to get the word out – while also keeping us focused on our branding, signage, the look we want to maintain and the presence we want to project.
— Jeff Alexander, Market Director for Midtown Global Market

Captivating communities.
Building believers.



Social Media

What makes certain people tick? It’s a mystery we love solving. Over years of partnering with companies and causes, we’ve developed a unique understanding and sensibility that helps us engage with groups of people on the things they care about. We can help you harness the word-of-mouth power of social media marketing to promote quality content, increase visibility, start meaningful dialogues, and build brand loyalty and authority.

We’ve leveraged our social media expertise to help clients in numerous industries, including the entertainment world. As a behind-the-scenes force for major motion picture studios, Nemer Fieger uses social media in inventive ways. For example, we received national recognition for a social media contest that we held as part of the ultimate pre-release party.

Your towns.
Our smarts.



Media Planning & Buying

Nemer Fieger has an enviable track record of connecting with target markets and engaging customers for clients in the entertainment, retail, travel, healthcare and other service industries. Our media specialists have helped clients succeed in everything from major metros to lesser-known (but genuinely fabulous) towns.

When you need traditional and/or digital media, you can count on us to customize a media plan built on specific market insights and then rapidly mobilize to secure the best buys and score additional media value. We place nearly $40 million annually in media on behalf of our clients, working smartly and seamlessly to maximize campaign synergy. We take pride in our ability to help you leverage the unique media opportunities in each local market to achieve the results you need.

Nemer Fieger pitched a media buy for five shows. By the end of the presentation, they had not only landed buys for those shows, but for a five-state area.
— Kenna Conway, Director of Event Marketing and Sales for Feld Entertainment

Local logic: 
Not as easy
as it sounds.



Multi-Unit Retail

Few agencies understand the complexities of multi-unit retail marketing like Nemer Fieger. Frankly, it’s taken years of partnership — with clients ranging from thousands of independent operators and their regional boards zeroing in on select markets, to corporately-owned stores running national or international campaigns — for us to hone our expertise. Two consistent keys to success are our ability to create distinctive strategies for each market and our capacity to build consensus among stakeholders.

Once immersed in a business, we often help with things typically outside the purview of an agency, such as pricing and product offerings for test markets.  Do you need help with a new sales initiative across your territory? Are you looking for assistance with shoring up some markets that need a stronger presence to thrive? Ask us about our track record with strategic planning, research, media plans, creative, business analysis, operations and more.

Nemer Fieger is full of ideas for local media events; they know instinctively what will work. They never hesitate to put their reputations on the line to lead the board and franchisees to a better decision.
— Don Van Nevel, Subway Board Chair for Local Market Efforts

Case Studies

Opening minds.
Opening doors. 




The Nemer Fieger creative team exists to help put the heart and soul into your marketing. We believe in the strategic strength of brands and the power of a great idea – to sell products and services, spur action and promote memorable experiences.

Our full-service team is committed to developing design solutions that effectively engage your customers while staying true to your brand’s unique personality and voice. Print ads, point-of-purchase displays, billboards, logos, brand identity, TV and radio commercials, digital messages, event and sales materials … we’re ready to craft whatever you need to give you a competitive advantage.

The best small agency that excels in branding work in town, is Nemer Fieger.
— Becky Boland, Advancement Director for Emma Norton, when surveyed by a prominent Twin Cities talent agency.