We have a new face in our office and we couldn’t be more excited! Tammy Reed joined our Subway team recently as an account executive and brings a ton of marketing, advertising and communications experience to her position. As part of her new employee initiation, we asked her a few fun questions:


What would you do if you had a full day with no obligations?

I would work on my home. My house was built in 1910 and is located adjacent to a historic district; it still has many of its original features and I aspire to restore it to its former charming self. It’s also the first and only home my parents ever purchased, they raised my brother and I there so I’m fortunate to already have a lifetime of memories there.

Tell me about a memorable moment in your life

Racing School at California Speedway (now known as Auto Club Speedway)! One of my best friends won a trip to Racing School and invited me as her guest. We stayed at the Mission Inn with amazing private parties each night and on the race track we drove Mustangs, Van Diemens (formula race cars) and NASCAR stock cars that were driven by the pros in top NASCAR races.

What drew you to work at Nemer Fieger?

In college I was the VP of the Ad Club and one of our agency tours was at Nemer Fieger. Years later I still remember that tour and how much I liked the agency vibe. The team seemed like more of a family than a group of co-workers. I also recall applying for a job with the agency, but my career path took me elsewhere. Thankfully this summer, my friend Tracy who is Nemer Fieger’s Office Manager let me know there was an opening on the Subway team – the stars aligned and here I am!

Given the choice of anyone (dead or alive), whom would you want as a dinner guest?

My parents or any of my grandparents. As I’ve grown older I do wish for their wisdom, advice and memories – and maybe a chance to clear up family lore.

Nemer Fieger