CLIENT PROJECT PROFILE: TPT's Minnesota Experience

Minnesotans love Minnesota. And while we may claim to be somewhat educated about our state, there is still a lot of history to be told.

Our client Twin Cities PBS - TPT is here to help with that by launching a new weekly history series called Minnesota Experience. Debuting Monday, September 17 at 9 p.m., the show is said to be one of the most ambitious local series ever launched at Twin Cities PBS. This series will dive into the diverse people, places and events from our state’s past. The series will include new documentary films, award-winning classics from the TPT archives and other programs about Minnesota’s history that have never aired on TPT.

The season premiere, “Flour Power,” explores the rise of the milling industry and how Minneapolis became the milling capitol of the world. The episode digs deep into the industry’s roots and tells related stories such as how cereal became the ubiquitous breakfast food we rely on today.

Minnesotans can learn more about the new series, as well as read and watch additional stories on TPT’s new storytelling hub, Minnesota Experience will also have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

TPT, Video, TV, Minnesota, DocumentaryNemer Fieger