LES HAZELTON: Ride to Cure Diabetes

Nemer Fieger encourages and supports employee volunteerism at so many levels and in so many communities - my community happens to be volunteering with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to find a cure for type one diabetes (T1D).

I have been a T1D for 19 years and I am also an avid cyclist, so it would only be natural to volunteer for the JDRF MN Chapter and participate in the annual JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes. It would be my second Ride to Cure Diabetes. On Saturday, August 11, I joined 640 cyclists from across the U.S. in La Crosse, WI to cut a thick morning fog and ride a 100 mile course through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. We  would ride to fundraise for research that will help find a cure for 125 million Americans with T1D.

My summer training with our MN chapter coach and 57 team members included 60 sweaty miles each week and stretching the mileage to 80 before the ride. During that time, Nemer Fieger helped me fundraise and provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to prepare. I raised over $4,000 which exceeded my goal and the MN chapter team raised over $230,000 to be ranked in the top five national chapter teams at La Crosse. The 2018 La Crosse Ride to Cure Diabetes event raised an astonishing $2.1mm.

Although I didn’t complete all 100 miles, my 80 was rewarding and the training, friendships and cause was proof that every rider’s tenacity was symbolic of the ongoing effort to find a cure. No doubt, I will be back in La Crosse again next year to ride and turn type one into type none. The pedaling will continue, and so will the the spirit of community at Nemer Fieger. Thank you. To learn more about riding or supporting this important cause, visit ride.jdrf.com.