KIM FARRINGTON: Designing the CEAP Market

Community Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP), has been a Nemer Fieger client since we designed their logo five years ago. CEAP is a non-profit that provides basic needs and personalized support to people in northwest Hennepin and Anoka counties to help them establish their path to stability and independence.

CEAP received funding to update the food shelf in its Brooklyn Center location. The goal was to make the market look more like a grocery store and less like a food shelf. Nemer Fieger, Bolger and Target interiors teamed up to provide the naming, logo, signage, printing, and shelving units. We wanted to present customers with a friendly, healthy, educational and respectful shopping experience.

With that in mind, I designed signage that was colorful, cheerful and easy to navigate. The project included ceiling posters, translucent window clings, shelving-headers, shelf-talkers, floor decals, wall quotes, refrigeration clings, and the market’s exterior design. The messaging within all the signage strived to impart the importance of healthy eating and community.

The final result was the transformation of a gray warehouse space that sprung alive with vibrant colors, images and messages. My childhood home is not far from the new CEAP market, so I had a real sense of pride working on the project.

By Kim Farrington, Senior Art Director

Nemer Fieger