PETER QUAYLE: Local Logic Media Insights

Media planning and buying services can look the same to most clients, however, we know that positive results start with a keen statement of client objectives, needs and budget. Knowing where a client’s true opportunities are in the marketplace and defining an efficient and effective plan to evoke the appropriate customer actions are all essential to success.

But there are many details that separate the wheat from the chaff for clients in the retail, co-op, lifestyle, and franchise industry segments. Yes, it all starts with national DMAs, market ratings, and flowchart planning, but after that the real digging starts. It’s time to understand the client’s local market, and the established media relationships we have in that local market provide the additional leverage we use to achieve greater local logic. Then we begin to implement with the right buys, the right weights and the greatest impressions.

Reaching our client’s customers is not just about media, but rather, an integrated approach. At Nemer Fieger we have all the right tools in house to support local media efforts: public and media relations, events and promotions, and full service creative teams.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how local logic will work for you.

By Peter Quayle, VP of Media

Nemer Fieger