WHAT’S HAPPENING: Celebrating Presidents' Day

Every month our entire staff meets up to talk about current projects, new business, volunteer opportunities, and personal accomplishments. Since we are a relatively small group, it’s especially rewarding to spend time together, mixing with other departments to connect and celebrate our wins and successes. While our monthly meetings weren’t necessarily broken, we decided to inject more zest and interest by designating a theme for each month.

For February, we set our focus on Presidents’ Day and without getting terribly political, we took time to celebrate the various POTUS throughout the years. With that theme in mind, we got busy with plenty of red, white and blue decorations and food. Team members had the opportunity to share trivia and fun facts about their favorite president. You’ll see from the photos here that this small tweak to our monthly meetings really made a difference in our camaraderie and engagement.  We’re already looking forward to next month’s meeting, and not just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day-themed!

Nemer Fieger