Veritas Financial Strategies

Client Spotlight: Veritas Financial Strategies


A successful career that started over 30 years ago has put down new roots.

Terry K. Lewis has been highly successful in providing quality insurance products, financial services and wealth management services to his clients since 1980. In 2018, Terry has ventured out to launch his DBA model for his team as Veritas Financial Strategies, and invited Nemer Fieger to create his brand identity.

Terry’s focus is on estate conservation, business insurance planning for succession, asset management, and key employee protection. Prior to joining New York Life Insurance Company as an agent, he served two tours of duty with the United States Marine Corps.

Understanding and building on Terry’s expertise, skill sets and team building was all a part of the identity naming, logo exploratory and tagline development.

We wish Terry and his team continued success.

Nemer Fieger