TOM WHELAN: What Does Your Brand Say?

We are often challenged by our clients to perform a brand audit or evaluation on their brand’s performance, followed by our recommendations. This can be a science, or it can be a careful and thorough process that reveals insights from stakeholders, customers and potential customers.

This process can start with one simple question: how do we want our brand to be perceived and what do we want to be known for?

Digging through the conversations and feedback can lead to many options, and many may not improve the brand all on their own. A new mission and vision statement? New logo? Or, new logo with a new tagline? Or something that can clearly change the perception and position of how your client goes to market every day?

Let your brand speak.

We have a banking client who is well known for being nimble, providing excellent customer service and doing business differently in an industry that has too many large and impersonal banks. There was no need for a new mission and vision statement, and no need for a new logo or tagline, but we did want to find a way to tell everyone what makes their business different and let the brand speak.

We created: Big Banks. No Thanks!

It’s simple, straightforward and memorable. In four words, the bank’s brand has been elevated, their positioning in the marketplace defined, and new expectations created. With an aggressive business plan, results have paid dividends in new customers, deposits, and new locations. Awareness and recall of this effort lets their brand speak for itself.

Give us a call and let’s talk about what your brand says.   

By Tom Whelan, President

Nemer Fieger